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    Creating exquisite experiences connecting our esteemed sponsors through supported celebrity-driven charitable events and philanthropic causes

Sponsorship Offers Your Brand ...

Audience Acquisition

Audience Acquisition

CBP provides you the highest quality audience of the world’s most respected companies, celebrities, press media, individuals and NGOs. Event sponsorship provides fresh ways to expand your content strategy by connecting with wider and more relevant audiences.



Forge strong alliances and build valuable relationships with our valued members and guests offering your brand exposure at our many events, galas, and parties. Sponsorship is fast becoming an increasingly popular way to grow fast and reach quality audiences. Working alongside other successful brands, through event sponsorship, can leverage a power of collective credibility.

Sponsorship Options

Sponsorship Options

SOCIAL EXPOSURE = PASSIVE PROMOTION: The Event Marketing Institute reported that 98% of consumers create social content during events, meaning exposure to much larger networks. With this additional passive promotion, event sponsorship is quite lucrative. CBP offers different levels of sponsorship to suit your needs. Gain exclusive access and enjoy visibility on all of our event communication media.

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