• Philanthropic Causes

    Philanthropic Causes

    • AT THE HEART OF OUR TRUE NORTH "All for one and one for all" -Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers

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OUR ETHOS:  THE TRUE NORTH OF CBP INTERNATIONAL BEGINS WITH BEAUTY; the cornerstone of its circle of global influence. The concept of inner beauty capturing the heart and soul of philanthropy gives our team, esteemed sponsors and global members the opportunity to touch lives, enliven hearts and provide hope. This beautiful fire ignites CBP's world through the ancient sacred purpose of our being; to love (philein) our fellow man (anthropos), to be stewards of the land and love our neighbors as ourselves. Working as many hands, we inspire and challenge our team and community to be their best selves, to inspire others and symbolize the Circle of Beautiful People globally. We support the world's next Nikolai Tesla, Marie Curie or Elon Musk; the visionaries, inventors and thought-influencers; from the poetic artists to the scientific scholars; beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. We make solid connections to direct talent toward causes guiding the global narrative; we envision a future world filled with healthy, educated and happy children. In order to get there, we must meet their needs by improving the inherent world they live in by following our considered map through the next sustainability wave. To this end, like Arthur’s knights, in roundtable fashion, we mount several philanthropic efforts and include an exclusive selection of the world’s most respected companies, celebrities, press media, individuals and NGOs. Together we will join forces to support global philanthropic events taking them to new levels from where they are today to what they can become tomorrow.




    Driving the main initiative centered around our global philanthropic focus, all our events, galas and parties are supported by our esteemed sponsors who recognize the shift in the need, as stewards of the land, to make solid connections and direct talent toward causes guiding the global narrative.


    We host social events along with our community highlighting and supporting the thought-influencers, globally focused entrepreneurs and world leaders of the future. We provide opportunities for much needed funds for those changing the landscape of our world today. We recognize the need to improve the inherent world our children live in; so that our children’s children are cared for. Our focuses are three-fold:
    • ENVIRONMENT - Supporting environmental systems to create a sustainable future
    • VISIONARIES - Advancing the work and visions of the next globally focused wunderkind or genius thought-influencer for the next sustainability wave
    • EDUCATION - Improving current educational systems
  • A TIME TO GIVE ...

    A TIME TO GIVE ...

    COMMITMENT: A time to work, a time to share, a time to give! At the heart of CBP International exists a central theme of chivalry and courage not unlike the legendary King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable. With an altruistic and generous spirit, we fashion our events in celebration of the influential beauty of our distinctive group of sponsors and elite members.
    • CBP commits 100% charitable donation disbursement from all auction proceeds
    • CBP commits 100% charitable donation disbursement from all tombola proceeds
    • CBP commits 15% charitable donation disbursement from all table and tickets proceeds
    • CBP commits 5% of each Praetorian Membership purchase towards a charitable organization


    To support next level courageous visionaries and thought-influencers (from the poetic artists to the scientific scholars) toward causes guiding the global narrative through the next sustainability wave.
    The heart of our future 501c3 embodies the courage, intelligence, loyalty, steadfastness and bravery of one of the greatest French musketeer’s, d’Artagnan, who was as much a hero in real-life as on the page.

    Charles Ogier de Batz de Castelmore, Comte d'Artagnan served Louis XIV as captain of the Musketeers of the Guard during the Siege of Maastricht in the Franco-Dutch War. D’Artagnan died 25th June, 1673 and was about 60 years old; he was buried in Maastricht. Thanks to renowned author Alexandre Dumas d’Artagnan’s inspirational legend not only lives on, but grows. Today his descendants belong to one of the most aristocratic families in France. Our objective is to encourage his legacy through the d’Artagnan Academy contributing an open avenue for the spirited voices and actions of those who want real change in the world. We support the dreamers, the risk-takers and the game-changers … in musketeer style! TOUS POUR UN, UN POUR TOUS! In celebration and honor of the musketeer spirit, we present the d’Artagnan Academy

  CBP INTL True North

Every great creative idea, formulated as a philosophy, has a social setting - in time, in a geographical location, in a political economy, in a matrix of interests and knowledge. It is not a free-swinging phenomenon like a balloon without moorings. It is not produced in a vacuum and, being creative, it does not work in a vacuum. Nurtured on things experienced and things known, it reaches out toward the unknown like a flower on a stalk growing out of the soil. - Mary Ritter Beard

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